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Drag and Drop - inline editing

ImpressPages is a modern high-quality tool for website development and management. From the point of quickly and easily building a new website, to administering it with no hassle.

Lanty ImpressPages CMS Progressive Web App theme

Lanty is another great crisp theme, with many features just like the Flat theme including a few more gallery effects, gallery lightbox image grouping for an enhanced navigation. Offline support!!

One page scroll Layout with an automated side navigation menu and Both Blog and Single page scroll have scrollspy effect.


All-in-one Analysis and Feedback... at a fraction of the price. This plugin lets you maintain the Hotjar script even when you change your ImpressPages Theme. Don't ever worry about updating your themes and loosing analytic data on your Hotjar account.

 Form to Google sheets $4.95

Collect form submission directly into a Google Sheet, making it easier to share and collaborate with your coworkers. Get leads created on the fly with this plugin unlimited forms and unlimited pages.   Buy it 

 Pushnoty - Web push $4.95

Reaching visitors is simple with web push notifications. Visitors who subscribe to get notifications from your website will get notifications that you send for either new products you put out for sale or new content.   Buy it

 Facebook Page events

Display your Facebook Page Events on your ImpressPages Website. Events not older than a year would be displayed along with upcoming events  Buy it

 Save To Drive $4.95

Allow visitors to save files directly to their Google Drive. Save to Drive is integrated to the File widget once it is installed  Buy it

  Google Fonts $4.95

Add Google fonts to your Website. 60 Fonts available within your ImpressPages CMS tinyMCE editor  Buy it

 Instagram Gallery $4.95

Responsive Instagram gallery and integrated with either Impresspages CMS ColorBox (default litghbox) or the new MagnificPopup lightbox  Buy it

 Image Slider

Responsive Image Slider Widget.Very handy responsive image slider. Three different views or skins are available

 FontAwesome $4.95

Add FontAwesome to your ImpressPages TinyMCE editor with all its sizes. This will make your site look much better   Buy it


The Image Slider displays a horizontal thumbnail navigation menu at the bottom of the slider. The Slider also comes as a carousel view  Buy it


Wonderful introduction or tour guide for your page visitors. IntroJS adapted to TinyMCE for a seamless experience  Buy it

 Pdf Viewer $4.95

Embed PDF files or create lists of PDF files that will display in ColorBox Lightbox.
There is no limit on the pdf file size  Buy it

Flat ImpressPages CMS theme $29.99

Social sharing ready, 35 Image Gallery skins and lots more...

Twitter cards

Google+ sharing

Facebook sharing

Our Flat theme offers TinyMCE templates that can be integrated to your themes as well. If any custom templates are needed you can contact us.

If you need to convert an HTML design into an ImpressPages CMS theme do not hesitate to contact us

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